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Sometimes when u see a person cry

Sometimes when u see a person cry !
It’s better NOT to ask ” why ?”
Sometimes it takes only two
to make them happy again
and those two words are
” I’M HERE ”

Category: Friendship SMS Sad SMS

Like a baby’s cry

The pain of missing a lovable person is like a baby’s cry…

It knows for what it cries.
Doesn’t know to express it in words..

Category: Sad SMS

it’s OK to cry as hard and as long as you want to

it’s OK to cry as hard and as long as you want to..
just make sure that when you stop crying you wont cry for the same reason anymore…

Category: Sad SMS

Be-wajah Nahi rota Ishq main koi GHALIB

Be-wajah Nahi rota Ishq main koi GHALIB
Jisay khud sy Barh k Chaho wo rulata Zaroor hay

Category: Sad SMS Urdu Poetry SMS

Then I Would Cry Forever

A Small Boy Found A Tear In His Lover?s Eye

So He Hugged Her

Still The Girl Continued To Cry

Boy Asked: Why?

The Cute Girl Replied: If For Every Tear, I get A Hug From U Then I Would Cry Forever..!

Category: Cute SMS Love SMS


A famous Russian quote:

“Never trust a crying woman and a smiling man, both are extremly dangerous.”

It’s true!

See crying Meera
Smiling ZARDARI.

Category: Funny SMS

Our life begins with our cry

“Our life begins with our cry & ends with others’ cry.


Utilize this Gap with laugh as much as possible.

Keep smiling & make others smile too.”

Category: Inspirational SMS


Lovly quote 2 all my frndz:
Hurt me,
Tease me,
Make me cry,
Bt in d end 0f my life,wen i die
keep 1 rose on my grave
n say”STUPID I MISS U” :)

Category: Friendship SMS

A kid’s luv letter

A kid’s luv letter! =]

To, Pinky.
Kg red.

Dear pinky,
I luv u. My dream i c u. Evrywhere u. U no, i live no. I come red shirt tomoro. U luv i, u cum red frock. I wait down mango tree. U no come, i jump train. Sure come… (^_^)

Urs lovely,
Kg Blue.

Now pinky replies:

To, Tin.
Kg Blue.

Dear Tin,
Ur letter mummy see. Papa angry me,angry me so many angry me. I cry. I cry. So no come to mango tree. No jump train. I luv u. C another day. I no red frock. Only green. U luv me, u come green… (^_^)

Ur sweety,
Kg red.

Category: Love Stories SMS

Pain & Rain hv a strong bonding

Pain & Rain hv a strong bonding

Wen u r in deep pain u cry like a heavy rain
Wen u see rain
u MISS ur loved ones and feel the same pain.

Category: Rainy Day SMS
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