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Because we allow it to happened

Sometimes we get hurt because we allow it to happened;
Sometimes we are disappointed because we expect to much;
Sometimes intentions are clean but misconception take place;
Sometimes we are fully mad but we can’t do nothing;
Sometimes we hold our tears falling down but can’t prevent it;
Sometimes we need to accept reality that take place…
Unexpected turn of events will happened sometimes…

Category: Broken Heart SMS Sad SMS


Always Try To Be More
Sensitive About Peoples
Because There Are Times
A SMILE Means HURT … !!!

Category: Broken Heart SMS Sad SMS

No matter how much we love

Sometimes no matter how much we love and fight for someone, but there are differences that we really can’t change, we just try our best to move on no matter how hard it is..

Category: Sad SMS

Never Love a Hurted Girl

Never Love a Hurted Girl ….
She will make u cry everytime u
make a mistake by reminding u abt her past….
she cant forget her frst love n she
will always love him…
And she will think abt him only,
whether u love her or die for her;
u cant change her feeling for that
Bloody Looser Who Left Her !!

Category: Broken Heart SMS Sad SMS

The only thing we could do

We can never replace that special space for someone that we can’t have, the only thing we could do is to love them silently in our hearts and loving them from a distance..

Category: Sad SMS

When d relation is NEW

When d relation is NEW, people find Excuses to MEET u..Bt
as it becomes OLD, people find Excuses to AVOID u..
Strange but true..

Category: Sad SMS

Life is too complicated

Life is too complicated,
don’t try to find answers of every questions
till u find the answers,
life changes its questions…

Category: Inspirational SMS

You want to Cry

When you Have so much pain in your Heart..,
You want to Cry…
but then,
the Only Person who can stop you from Crying….
is Exactly the Person who made you Cry….

Category: Sad SMS

a thousand reasons to cry

When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show that you have a million reasons to smile. Keep smiling and enjoy life no matter how bad it may seem…:)

Category: Sad SMS Smile SMS

Those silent tears lost everyday

She drops one single tears and thousands run with tissue behind her.
But no one is there to notice all those silent tears lost everyday… :’(

Category: Sad SMS
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