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Always Start Your Day With a lot of S E X …

Always start your day with a lot of… S E X
so make S E X a daily habit, and youll always B SUCC SEX FUL! in LIFE.

Category: Adult SMS Naughty SMS

In a Bathroom, Boy Touches a Girl Everywhere

In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere! You Know whose that boy? Stupid It’s Lifeboy Soap! Dirty people always think dirty.

Category: Adult SMS Naughty SMS

I want to suck you … lick you

I want to suck you … lick you … wanna move my tongue all over you … wanna feel you in my mouth … yep, that’s how you … eat an ice cream!

Category: Adult SMS Naughty SMS

Two guys raped a Princess

Two guys raped a Princess and were
brought before the king to be punished.
Then, The
King asked them to go and bring as
many fruits as they can..
Shortly after, the first rapist went and brought
15 Oranges.
Therefore, the king
ordered his guards to insert the
se 15 oranges into the rapist’s asshole..
the guy
screamed and cried while the guards were
inserting these oranges.
Suddenly he began to
laugh really loud, the guards asked
him why he was laughing, pointing
ahead he replied .
”Look at my
friend, he is bringing water melons.” :D:D:D

Category: Naughty SMS

Fate is Like Getting Rape

Fate z lyk gettin rape
if u cant fight , learn to njoy .
wrk z lyk grp sex , 10 ppl r behind ur ass to get ur place .
education is lyk hiring cl girl , it needs both money nd hard wrk .
success z lyk masturbation ,
only ur own hand can achieve ………..
nw dis my defination 4 fuckin life :D

Category: Attitude SMS Naughty SMS

There are 4 ways to enjoy love

There are 4 ways to enjoy love,

1. Hand in Hand.
2. That in hand.
3. Hand in that.
4. That in that.

hahaha xD :P

Category: Naughty SMS

Kids Grow Up tooo Damn Fast

16 & Preqnant
15 & Fucking
14 & Sucking
13 & Licking
12 & Fingering
11 & Rubbing
10 & Touching
9 & Dry Humping
8 & Kissing
7 & Wondering …

Smfh , Kids Grow Up tooo Damn Fast..

Category: Kiss SMS Naughty SMS

As they threw the stone, Son screams

Little Johnny’s Parents had an argument on who their son loves more, Mom or Dad?

Finally they came up with a solution and decided to throw stone at their son from bit far to see who does he call for help.

If Little Johnny shouts “Mummy” then mom wins and if he shouts “Daddy” then Dad wins.

As they threw the stone, Son screams,
Oi ! Who was that Son of a Bi**ch! :@

Category: Mr. Bean Jokes Parents SMS

A Mosquito enters the girl’s skirt

Girl friend & boy friend go for a movie.
In the dark, a mosquito enters the girl’s skirt.
Guess where it would have bitten?
The boy’s hand. ;)

Category: Naughty SMS

I Slept With Dad Last Night

English Class..
Kid: Me Sleep With Dad Last Night…..
Madam Corrected: No Beta, I Slept With Dad Last Night….
Kid: Aap mere sone ke baad aayi hogi ! :p :D

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