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Your friendship is a glowing ember

Your friendship is a glowing ember
through the yar n each december
from its warm n livin spark
W kindle flame against da dark n
with its shining radiance light
our tree of faith on Christmas night.

Category: Christmas SMS

Mr. Bean With His Awesome Theory

Four guys
1 from Harward:
1 Oxford
1 Texas
and Mr. Bean

1 common question:
What is the fastest thing in world?

Oxford: Light
Harvard: Thought
Texas: Blink of an eye
Mr. Bean:Its loose motions,
because last night I was lying in my bed
& before I could blink,think or turn on the lights,
it was over!

Category: Mr. Bean Jokes

Mr. BEAN and His Thinking

Mr. BEAN saw a very high Mobile Tower
& red light glowing on the top,
seeing this he said “World is developing amazingly fast,
see there are traffic signals for Airplane in the air

Category: Mr. Bean Jokes

Mr. Bean and Dry Fruits

Mr. Bean Was Drying Some Fruits In The Sunlight And Then Eating Them

Some1 Asked What R U Doing?

Mr. Bean: I Am Weak. The Doc Has Advised Me To Eat Dry Fruits!

Category: Mr. Bean Jokes

Mr. Bean in Cricket Ground

In A Cricket Ground..

Security: Cricket Match Is Over Now,Why R U Stil Sitting?

Mr. Bean: Aahhh.. I Am Waitin For Highlights!

Category: Cricket SMS Mr. Bean Jokes

Larka Larki Ki Dosti and Un Ki SOCH

90% boys & girls pehli mulaqaat main
apnay zehen main ek dosry k
baray main is tarah sochty hain:

GIRL:kitna sedha larka hy
BOy:kya Fit bachi hy

…GL:kitna nic behavior hy
B:kya figure hy…

G:well educated lagta ha
B:sali mushkil sy set ho gi

G:dressing zabrdst ki hy
B:WOW!itna light dress

G:agar razi hogaya to is sy shadi kar k hi chorngi
B:ek bar razi hoje phr is ki dost ko bhi nahi choron ga :

Category: Flirt SMS Friendship SMS

Musharaff Wapis aa Gaya HAI

Bus main latak k jane walo. baghair light k rehne walo.
Km paiso main ziada kam karne walo.
Dahshat gardi bardasht karne walo.
Strike main b ghr sy nkilny walo
Hr cheez pr Extra tex dene walo.
33.Rs ka petrol 70.Rs main kharedne walo.
Sailaab me dia howa saman Dobara market se khareedne walo. Shaher ki lights ka bill apne ghar se dene walo.
Pakistan main Rah kr Amrica ke Gunn Gane walo.
1 mulk main 2 eid manane walo.

Musharaff Wapis aa Gaya HAI

Category: Funny SMS

Good Night Urdu SMS

G-go 2 bed.
O-off the light.
O-out of tension.
D-dreams come.
N-nice sleep.
I-ignore worries.
G-get fresh.
H-have a nice night.
T-thank 2 ALLAH.


Category: Good Night SMS

In memory of the 90s

In memory of the 90s

When tha most popular games were chupan chupai, baraf pani and unch nich, expres

When tha best delights were POLKA, popcorns, jubilee and mitcheles tofee

When pepsi was worth Rs.6

Watching 7:30am cartoons before school on PTV and 7pm Ninja Turtles, captain Planet and zoro

When people go home earlier than usual to watch India-Pak matches

When we were not alowed to watch movies but we managd it anyway

When our best asset was Bubble Gumers shoes

When geting Rs.50 eidi meant u were rich

When decisions were made by ‘akr bkr bamby’
When tha worst nightmares were Injections, darkrooms, Qari saab

when fanta was totaly a girl’s drink

when wonder bread ki BMX cycle was a source of jelousy in tha entire muhalla

when while playing cricket rule was, ghar me jane ka out and jo marega wo le ker aega

Childish but awesum memories..:-)
touch ur memories..

Category: Cricket SMS Miss You SMS Student Teacher SMS

This Eid Day Brings Warm

Hoping Sincerely
That This Eid Day Brings
Warm,Happy Hours And
Bright, Happy Things…
Light Hearted Moments Of
Friendship And Fun
To Help Make Your Eid
A Wonderful One..!!

Category: Eid Mubarak SMS
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